Why should I choose LED technology for my car?


Why should I choose LED technology for my car?

  • They have a long life time (from 25000 to 50 000 hours of operation, for example the halogen lights last 500 hours and the xenon lights 2500 hours)


  • Low power consumption (the power consumption of LED headlights is 3.5 W, the halogen headlights consume 55 Watt and the Xenon Headlights 35 watt)


  • They have the ability to create adaptive headlights, something impossible in halogen headlights and xenon headlights.


  • The color of the LED headlights is close to the natural light, which creates more comfortable driving conditions for the driver, reduces the pressure in the driver's eyes and increases the level of safety. Moreover, these street lights are very noticeable to all road users, significantly reducing the chances of engaging in accidents.


MOVER HELLAS offers you the most efficient and innovative LED car lights  in cooperation with Samsung and invites you to enjoy your driving day and night!


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